What’s the perfect item for a wedding, party, stairway, arch, or mantle?

A Fresh Garland!

Here at Albin’s, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality fresh garlands that you can find. These garlands are all handmade, with the help of a modern tying machine which gives you the reliability of each foot being as tight as the next. The garlands are all made with the freshest product available, also using hydro-seal to prevent wilt. What you receive is a fantastic looking garland.

All our garlands are custom and made to order. We have a wide range of options, which includes anything that we carry on a daily basis. This is over eighty items! You can mix and match to create the look you and your customer want. This has been a very popular item since we started three years ago. Numerous customers rave about the ease of ordering and the attention to detail. Also, how nice would it be to open your box and pull a beautiful garland out, hang it and walk away. Talk about saving time and effort!

Please call your sales rep and ask about our garlands. You will never work on one yourself again. We promise.

Salal & Variegated Pittosporum

Plumosus, Salal & Variegated Pittosporum

Plumosus & Sprengrei

Plumosus & Tree Fern